The Sandpeople Story

"We spend more time in the sand than David Hasselhoff"

In 2015 we started fishing the sand from the southern outerbanks to Bear island on the other side of Bogue Inlet. We have walked miles of beach and ahd fishless days.  We began to learn where fish liked to feed on an inbound and outbound tide with different wind directions.  In the fall we would regularyl fish the Southern Outerbanks for Fasle Albacore from the beach on light tackle and Fly Rods, with Island Express Ferry Service as our ride out.  A good friend of ours was on the water one day and some chatter on the radio form the local Charter Boat Captains, they were calling us "sandpeople".  That day we happened to land smack dab in the middle of a full Albie feeeding blitz. We landed 41 fish that day 21 on fly. Since that we we have landed hundreds of False Albacore and many over 20 lbs.